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KCS Construction Services has a reputation of providing innovative solutions, attention to detail and ethical business practices. Our commitment to our clients, in conjunction with our team approach to the design and construction process allows us to attain our goals of creating the ideal structure backed by our client’s specific vision.

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Our diverse portfolio proves our skill in any sector from Project Development Services, Turnkey Construction, Ground up-Design build, Commercial, Industrial Facilities and Plants, Day Care Facilities, Animal Hospital, Metal Buildings, Metal Barns, Barn-dominium, Metal Riding Arena, Residential, Property Management and Concrete Construction.

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Commercial construction is a dangerous line of work if regulations are not closely followed. Along with the world-class skills training that our contractors receive, they are expected to adhere to standard safety procedures and guidelines in order to maintain compliance with OSHA.

At KCS Construction Services, we take pride in being a construction service that can provide our Houston clients with the facilities that they desire without committing any safety guideline violations in the process. Safety laws have become stricter and OSHA has become more committed to enforcing safety regulations to better the work environments for commercial builders. Insurance companies developed a strategy to judge companies on their safety records and give them ratings based on the amount of care is carried in their businesses. Insurance facilities use this strategy to keep commercial construction businesses in line for safety regulations and to determine their insurance premiums.

EMR (Experience Modification Rating)

An evaluating system that a commercial builder receives from insurance companies after the company has logged a certain number of man hours. This rating is derived from mathematical computations including the number of incidents reported in correlation to the man-hours worked in order to determine a score that will reflect how effective a company is at adhering to safety standards. EMR ratings of one (1) or lower are considered excellent.

KCS Construction Services is proud to have an EMR rating of .9, thus indicating that KCS is one of the most safe and well-managed companies in the Houston area. Because of our efficient compliance in the standards for Houston’s safety regulations, we can create desirable working conditions for our employees as well as those of our clients who may remain open during our operations. We do our best to be the safest we can be and the benefits of this extend to the property owners who procure our services.

It is in our company’s best interest to keep our company stable and within standards of safety regulations.  KCS Construction Services has a standard for our team members and company to do our work safely and efficiently regardless of the circumstance. Our construction company’s priority is to not only bring sustainable infrastructure to Houston, but to foster careful workspaces that benefit our contractors as well as our clients. Due to how thorough and safe our team is, we can finish projects with a higher degree of proficiency while avoiding safety violations as well as the disadvantages associated with them.

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