Tiltwall Construction

Due to the fast-growing economy of Houston, it’s become paramount to learn all the uses of concrete construction to keep up with demand of business properties. One of those uses being the ability to build massive a company headquarters quickly. Tilt up construction is one of the most efficient and cost-efficient ways to build a large building such as a warehouse or other industrial buildings. Due to its complexity, you need a seasoned contractor to do the job right the first time. Luckily at KCS Construction Services, all our personnel are highly trained in this economical construction process.

Concrete Contractors of Houston

For cost-effectiveness, the creators of the world have turned to concrete contractors to keep up with their fast-paced growth, and low-cost building. KCS Construction Services has grown with its entrepreneur customers over the years by attaining the newest equipment possible and developing the necessary processes to accommodate all their current, and even future, concrete contracting needs.

Tilt-Up Construction in Houston

Tilt up construction has completely changed the building construction industry by making it more accessible and in a timely manner to build large industrial and commercial establishments on site, finally keeping up with the pace of our economy here in Houston. Tilt up construction is a method that makes and sets the large building walls while on the construction site for these large enterprises of Houston.

Due to the specificities of tilt wall construction, these projects require very specific large equipment to crane the multi-ton walls to the correct position. Thanks to our years of experience, KCS Construction Services has found the highest quality cranes, and heavy lifting equipment available in Houston. So, you can trust our equipment as much as our contractors do. Another concern associated with the tilt wall construction is the mass amount of supplies necessary for each wall. Luckily, KCS has the best wholesale concrete, rod, and crane supplies in the Houston market.

Tilt-Up Concrete Wall Houston

As Houston’s leading contractor, KCS believes the best buildings deserve the best building materials. For tilt-up concrete walls, that means obtaining the highest quality wall. To do that, you’ll need the best concrete available to you, and incredible amounts of it. Due to the nature of creating tilt-up concrete walls in giant slabs, it takes a specific concrete to dry and still provide the necessary support, which is something KCS Construction Services has access to.

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