KCS Construction Services provides Commercial Construction for the Houston and surrounding areas. Our seasoned General Contracting team specializes in new construction Ground up, Design/Build, Turnkey industry, Renovation, Tenant improvements and Construction Management. We understand how essential and the success of every project is, so we strive relentlessly to prevent cost overruns and adjust workflow to accommodate changes or challenges.  By contracting KCS Construction Services, you will have peace of mind knowing that budget and schedule will always be at the forefront of our minds.

Commercial Construction in Houston

About to embark on a Commercial Construction project.  The term Commercial Construction is used to refer to any type of Construction project where the eventual outcome will be a Commercial property rather than a Residential or Industrial property. These spaces can include but are not limited to Offices, Manufacturing plants, Medical centers, Daycare, Veterinary, Storage facilities, and Retail shopping centers.  Commercial Construction projects and businesses primarily vary in size and scale.  Whether it’s a medical building or retail space, you’ll likely need to hire a Commercial General Contractor

Demand Increases

Commercial building is driven both by business cycles and population growth. As more people move into a given area demand increases for existing workspace. Schools, Municipal buildings, Retail stores, and offices become more fully occupied driving builders to build office and retail space to meet perceived demand. As the business cycle ramps up, new construction is ordered to provide space for workers and more frequent shoppers.  Commercial projects on average require larger and more expensive equipment, more employees, additional overhead costs, and other components like payment/performance bonds. They are often funded by a government agency, corporation with bank financing, or by an owner/developer.

Adapt a Residential into a Commercial Property

Those who are wanting to build a Commercial property or adapt a former Residential property into a Commercial property are usually required to get planning permission to be able to do this.  If required, it must be properly obtained before any physical work is carried out or else the owner may be required to undo or remove all the work. If a project involves a mixed -use building with both residential and commercial it is typically considered Commercial Construction.

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Our seasoned General Contractor team specializes in Commercial construction. You will have peace of mind knowing that budget and schedule will always be at the forefront of our minds.