Daycare Construction

Daycare construction provides a business with the opportunity to truly customize the space and add functionality to the facility that will serve the needs of children in Houston. As a quality commercial construction company in Houston, we have done some work building daycare centers over the years. KCS Construction Services can provide business owners with expert industry knowledge and plenty of options and information to help them create the daycare they dream of. Our daycare construction team works with clients throughout the building process to make sure that projects in Houston go smoothly and according to plan.

Experienced Contractors for Building Houston Daycare Centers

During our years of experience as a commercial construction company in Houston, we work with owners of daycares to build an establishment according to their goals and vision. The consultation phase involves finding out what the business owner envisions and then our architects take those details into consideration, all while following construction codes and industry regulations. One of the main consideration factors in building a daycare in Houston is what size it should be, which depends on how many children they are licensed to watch. After specifying a size for the daycare, our Houston engineers make sure the plans adhere to strict requirements for safety and security and are in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requirements for accessibility.

Elements of Daycare Centers Our Houston Company Builds

  • Play areas
  • Classrooms
  • Nap spaces
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen areas
  • Security barriers

Renovations and Restorations for Houston Area Daycare Facilities

When repairs or updates are necessary at a Houston daycare center, it's essential to have them completed in a timely manner because delaying them could put the children that spend their days there at risk. Our Houston staff is available for smaller commercial contracting jobs as well, so when daycare centers need a roof replacement or repainting done they can turn to us for help with those renovations. We are also here to help with any unnecessary occurrences like fire or flood, as we also offer professional restoration services to remediate the effects of a natural disaster on daycares in Houston.

Daycare Construction from Houston Contracting Company KCS

At KCS Construction Services, we specialize in providing quality contracting solutions for daycare businesses. We pride ourselves in doing a prompt and professional job on all daycare construction projects, so our clients can trust opening their doors to children in the Houston area. We build all daycare facilities with consideration of codes and attention to detail which ensures we construct a safe space for kids in Houston to play and learn.

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