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Veterinary Practices provide pet and animal owners with a wide variety of essential health care services for their beloved four-footed, furry friends. You may be building or rehabilitating a surgery-centric facility specializing in spay and neuter services, an emergency and critical care center, or an equine/mixed animal practice. Your needs will vary with the clientele you serve, from the style of your lobby to the type of medical equipment you will require, the size of your exam rooms, and the functionality of your treatment areas. We provide Veterinary professionals with innovative Veterinary Hospital facilities through an integrated, stress-free design and construction process.

Animal care facilities require a greater in-depth knowledge

Animal care facilities require a greater in-depth knowledge of construction materials, plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems than most commercial projects. Both sound and odor control are of vital concern to the practitioners, clients, and their neighbors. Your furry patients can’t tell you what’s wrong, so you may need specialized diagnostic equipment, surgical spaces, instruments, lighting, equipment, and overnight accommodations for these patients that are critically ill, injured, or recovering from surgery. To maximize efficiency, patient load, and comfort, to make the most of modern veterinary technology, you may need a degree of flexibility in how your space can be utilized that requires the kind of innovative thinking and implementation that KCS Construction Services is known for.

Mixed animal practice

Rather than thinking of a mixed animal practice as an older style of business, consider it a new opportunity to share resources and to support your practice philosophy and your bottom line. If there has been a common theme over the last decade in veterinary medicine, it is the rise and proliferation of specialization. It might seem that a mixed animal practice, which is broad, would have very little future. However, mixed animal practice is still a viable model in certain market segments. Today’s pet owners are quite likely to choose their Veterinary clinic based on how they feel when they walk in the door, which makes lobby and waiting area design a critical element of your modern veterinary practice. KCS Construction Services has successfully designed modern Veterinary facilities and brought long-standing community Veterinary practice facilities into the present with a creative reworking of space and introduction of new technology, materials, and logistics to offer your furry patients and practitioners a comfortable, efficient facility.

Veterinary clinic location

A building is the largest single investment for a Veterinary practice. Even the smallest structures require significant time and money to plan and construct. Never place buildings so close to restricted areas that you cannot expand the buildings in the future. Survey all legal and physical restrictions to your property and have your design professional clearly note these on the site plan. These restrictions may include easements, setbacks, right-of-way restrictions, flood plain limitations, areas of steep topography, etc.

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We provide Veterinary professionals with the innovative Veterinary Hospital Facilities through an integrated, stress-free design and construction process.