Design - Build

Nobody in Houston understands the complications and complexities of undertaking a major construction project more than a professional contracting company. KCS Construction Services in Houston is one such business that tried to make procuring construction work a little easier for clients by offering a design-build construction model. In this kind of contract, you do not need to outsource for all the phases of property construction because our full-service company has teams for each specialty that will take care of it.

Construction Engineering for Houston Building Design

Before ground can be broken on a Houston contracting project, there is a construction engineering phase to develop the design that will be used. Construction engineering consists of formulating a building plan that incorporates not only client specifications but characteristics like safety features and code requirements. Our staff of Houston architects and engineers work together to brainstorm the best blueprints of air conditioning ventilation, heating, fire protection, electrical, lighting, architectural acoustics, plumbing, and structural systems. Whether it is a small or large project, our construction engineering experts are sure to develop a detailed design that our design-build construction team can implement in Houston.

The Building Part of Houston Design-Build Construction

The second part of design-build construction is the building part, where our Houston contractors come together to make sure each portion of a property is constructed correctly. Projects in Houston start with foundation work, then construction of the bones of the building, followed by all the finishing touched like adding a roof, painting, and paving sidewalks and parking lots on exterior land. The phases of a design-build construction model happen simultaneously in Houston, meaning a more straightforward process overall. The Construction Industry Institute reports that design-build construction projects are completed almost 10 percent faster and for more than five percent less cost.

One Contract for Construction and Engineering in Houston

If simplifying a Houston contracting project sounds like something that interests you, a design-build construction job may be what you are looking for. Houston’s KCS Construction Services offers a great single-source model that allows us to handle everything from construction engineering to physical contracting work, which makes for a more streamlined situation for all stakeholders involved. Our construction engineering team works alongside our Houston contractors on design-build construction jobs in Houston to achieve cohesion, communication, and lower project costs.


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