Health Care Facilities

Whether you are hiring us for healthcare facilities planning, evidence-based design, integrated healthcare Design-Build, or renovating an urban emergency room, we find the smartest way to get the job done. You can turn to KCS Construction Services for healthcare building solutions that are innovative, efficient, and plan for the unique construction challenges of the healthcare market. We are well suited to the wide range of needs of the ever-changing healthcare industry. Our healthcare Design-Build approach is based on current medical building research and offers an integrated approach to a highly specialized and budget-sensitive healthcare facility market. Our experts will develop construction plans that maximize your ability to add or maintain clinical capacity and create your new revenue stream as soon as possible.

Medical innovation

From hospitals to research facilities, healthcare buildings are essential to the health of the world’s population, as well as medical innovation. Designing these structures requires a delicate balance of technical requirements with the needs of doctors and patients, but when done right, these designs can save lives. Renovations layer another set of challenges, like ensuring zero disruption of patient care and the safety of all the visitors and staff. Infection Control and Interim Life Safety Measures take on another level of criticality when working within occupied healthcare facilities. 

The goal of health care facilities

Through the years, we have seen healthcare design and construction evolve as technological developments, medical breakthroughs, and regulatory environments have impacted our nation’s facilities. Today, care providers are transitioning from a volume-based care model to a value-based care model, one that requires healthcare design and construction to support patient outcomes and population health management. The goal of healthcare facilities is no longer to stay at maximum occupancy and reach maximum acuity. Small and medium-sized clinics are being strategically placed and structured to support populations and help patients move toward healthier lifestyles. 

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