Metal Buildings

At KCS Construction Services, we are your #1 seasoned Metal Building Construction Contractor. We are comprised of some of the best Metal Building Construction experts in the business. We design- build Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Warehouse, Self- Storage, Office, Aircraft Hangers, Barns, Barn-dominium, and Riding Arena Metal Buildings. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with superior design-build finished products.

Constructing Commercial Metal Buildings in Houston

KCS Construction Services will custom design-build, engineer and construct your Metal building ranging from the basic to a more sophisticated look. We design- build economical, high quality Metal building structures perfectly suited to meet our customers’ needs to maximize space and energy efficiency.

Why Our Houston Clients Choose Metal Buildings

KCS Construction Services knows that maximized bay spacing is a key component of Metal Building Construction. The complete flexibility for exterior appearance, together with convenient and inviting interior layouts, maximize usable space and provide a winning combination and solution for a Metal building structure. Long bay systems provide large areas of open floor space with few interior columns. Freedom from interior obstructions allows maximum use of space and operating efficiency. The rigid frame design makes it possible to incorporate tilt-up, concrete, masonry, pre-cast, and metal walls into your Metal Building's design.

Metal buildings have surged in popularity

While researching modern construction trends and planning to build your own Commercial structure, you probably have noticed that metal buildings have surged in popularity worldwide over recent years. Could a metal building be the right choice for your project? Because you do not need to worry so much about damage from water, fire, weather, pests, and other threats with a metal building, you will discover that less maintenance is required to keep your building in beautiful condition. You are less likely to be hit with large and unexpected repair bills over the years ahead.

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