Pre-construction Estimating

When hiring a construction company in Houston, it's important to pick one that has a professional construction management team that can offer the preconstruction services needed to ensure a quality result. Our team at KCS Construction Services is qualified to perform all the preliminary phases of contracting work at Houston job sites, including budgeting, scheduling, architecture and engineering plans, site management, cash flow analysis, and supplier coordination. All of these things are factors of labor that are taken into consideration as part of the estimating process. As a company that has done a lot of work on commercial, industrial, and custom residential buildings around Houston, we can provide fair and accurate estimates to new clients.

Providing Bids for Houston Contracting Projects

When it comes to Houston construction projects, many clients require hard bids so they can know the all the costs before picking a contracting company. KCS is happy to deliver hard bids and do the scrutinous, detailed research to those gather numbers and provide all clients with an attractive offer. Our company backs all hard bids for Houston construction projects with a guarantee or guaranteed maximum price. We also provide soft bids at any point for people who are shopping around in Houston, and we promise to always be transparent and communicative during the bidding process.

Estimates from an Experienced Company in Houston

When weighing bids from Houston contractors for a project you need done, it's important to take the qualifications of each company into consideration. A low bid may not be the best option if it is coming from an inexperienced source in Houston, but you don’t have to worry about that with KCS Construction Services. Our owner, Jason Keeton, has over 20 years of construction experience, and all our employees are highly trained and experienced in all kinds of construction. Because of our large portfolio and wide array of projects, people in Houston trust us and the estimates we provide.

Pre-Construction Estimates for Houston Construction

KCS Construction Services offers comprehensive estimates of all the costs of a contracting job to potential clients in Houston. We pride ourselves in providing bids that are honest, fair, and are guaranteed so there is no need to worry about hidden expenses. All pre-construction budgetary evaluations are handled in an efficient and expedient manner to keep Houston projects on target. Our estimates have led to bids being accepted all over the Houston area for all kinds of projects spanning a multiple of industries. All pre-construction budgetary evaluations are handled in an efficient and expedient manner to keep Houston projects on target.

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