KCS Construction Services is a general contracting firm specializing in all facets of Retail Construction. We serve a broad spectrum of clients including both developer/landlords and tenants/retailers. We have constructed new Retail Centers and completed numerous significant renovations and additions. We offer unlimited services including preconstruction, design-build, construction management as well as full-scope general contracting services. That longevity has been solidified because we are always doing our homework on how to properly adapt the needs of the client to the overall design. In some cases, that design may already be in place due to the business in question being part of a wider chain of stores.

You can trust our team of seasoned professionals

Whether it be the construction of a Retail structure built from the ground up, a retail shell or, a tenant finish-out, you can trust our team of seasoned professionals to bring your retail construction project to reality. We accomplish this on time, on budget, and with quality workmanship and materials. Our sound knowledge and experience in retail construction make us an ideal partner. We aim to add style, functionality, and flexibility to your retail space and pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, sound project planning, accurate on-time estimates, and meticulous attention-to-detail. 

Finding the right Retail Construction Contractor

The building of a retail unit requires a bit more nuance than simply contacting any commercial builder and asking them to put up a structure. Retail Center Construction involves finding the right Construction contractor to first properly design a building that grabs the attention of the public and getting it built. While frequent customer turnover is a key to enhancing the financial viability of a retail store, there also must be a certain level of ambiance that makes customers want to extend the period that they visit. That might entail carving out such subtle aspects as roomier aisles or lighting that adds a more vibrant appeal to the store itself. Being able to install refrigerated units may be necessary, which will be a part of the overall HVAC package that is ultimately installed. Within this aspect is the need for allowing shoppers to enjoy climate-controlled surroundings during times when temperature extremes are present. That comfort level may end up invigorating the store’s balance sheet.

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