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The Cypress area painting contractors at KCS Construction Services offer a wide variety of construction projects, large or small. Whether it’s a new building or remodel, the painting contractors at KCS in Cypress will complete the task or interior and exterior painting with professionalism and expertise.

For all of your commercial painting needs, you can turn to the commercial painting and industrial painting professionals at KCS Construction in Cypress. Being an industrial painting and an industrial coatings company in Cypress allows us to do the final step in the jobs we implement in the Cypress area. The weather in Cypress can change quite often, which creates the need to repaint building and offices regularly. If your interior or exterior paint is beginning to chip or fade, it may be time to call in a Cypress commercial painting company to give your office a new coat of paint. The painting contractors at KCS can provide you with the expert help to select the appropriate shades and formulations for inside or outside.

Your Commercial Painting Pro in Cypress Can Help You Pick the Right Type

When time is of the essence for your Cypress business, you want the best paint type for commercial painting or industrial painting projects. KCS painting contractors recommend that for quick drying times, latex-based paints are the clear choice in Cypress. Latex dries more quickly than oil, as oil-based paints can take up to two days to dry fully while latex paint usually takes only two or three hours to dry. Latex formulations do require a prolonged curing period. It might be 14 days or more before these surfaces are safe to wash or clean.

Quick Drying or Longer Durability? Industrial Painting Pros in Cypress Offer Advice

According to Cypress industrial painting contractors at KCS, oil-based paints offer superior staying power and protection from staining and fading. Latex paints absorb stains to make cleanup more problematic. Increased exposure to sunlight can also cause fading for latex paint applications. Oil-based paints have a glossy finish which can prevent stains from soaking in. Oil paint also isn’t as affected by increased exposure to sunlight. The endurance that oil paint presents can increase its appeal for building owners and property managers in Cypress concerned with cost.

Cypress Industrial Coatings Have Different Types

The industrial coatings painting contractors at KCS Construction Services in Cypress use three types of industrial coatings; metallic, organic and inorganic. Most coatings contain a combination of natural, synthetic and inorganic materials, including solvents, pigments, fillers, and extenders. These added ingredients improve the application and curing process. Some intumescent coatings contain fire-resistant additives that are intended for high-heat areas. Polyester, polyurethane, and plastisol are popular organic coatings. KCS Construction Services is the industrial coatings professionals in the Cypress area. Call them for your industrial coatings needs.

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