Within our Cypress coatings division at KCS Construction Services, we offer to sandblast according to the standards set by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. Every law and regulation set in the Cypress area is followed by KCS Construction regarding commercial sandblasting and industrial sandblasting. We research these regulations to give our clients peace of mind that their sandblasting services project is in good hands with our firm and that we conform to Cypress codes.

Tall Structures are No Problem for the Industrial Sandblasting Experts in Cypress

At Cypress-based KCS, even the tallest structures are not an issue for our skilled crew. We are confident that our sandblasting services are top-notch, and up to standards set by the industry. After our Cypress team used their skills with commercial sandblasting and industrial sandblasting and removed previously applied layers, let us use our industrial and commercial painting experts at KCS in Cypress finish the work. Our wide variety of complete sandblasting services allow us to handle any venture from start to finish.

A Little About Our Industrial Sandblasting and Commercial Sandblasting in Cypress

Sandblasting is the action of sending abrasive media through a blasting nozzle using compressed air to smooth an unfinished or rough surface. It’s also used to remove contaminants from the surface. The industrial sandblasting and commercial sandblasting team at KCS of Cypress does small and large surface cleaning. We work with all different types of sandblasting media. The group at KCS can be trusted to make sure your projects are finished safely in the Cypress area. Some of the reasons for sandblasting a surface include:

  • The preparation of surfaces before painting or applying coating
  • Rust, sand or paint removal
  • Surface texturing

The choice of media to undertake these various jobs is crucial. The expert team at your Cypress KCS knows exactly what type of commercial sandblasting media to use for your job. Our Cypress sandblasting services providers can handle the job correctly and to the fullest expectations.

Our Managers in Cypress are Here to Make Sure the Process Goes Smoothly

Our KCS managers can assist you in organizing any large-scale sandblasting services task for you in Cypress. A common media, glass bead blasting, can be used on a wide range of materials that include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, steel, brass, titanium, sterling silver, bronze, metal, glass, plastic, and rubber. If you have a sandblasting job to do, call the professionals at KCS to handle your job in Cypress.

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