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A commercial roofing expert in the Cypress area can help you with your next roofing project. Our team is equipped to apply roof coatings and cement used for commercial roofing and waterproofing. KCS Construction Services in Cypress only applies first-rate, energy-efficient materials that meet all environmental requirements and local regulations. Flat roofs are commonly used for commercial buildings in the Cypress area, as they are less costly to construct and are easier to move around on when maintenance is needed. Flat commercial roofing takes up less surface area than their domed or slanted counterparts. Repairs can progress more quickly while ensuring safe conditions for commercial roofing contractors doing maintenance work. Flat roofs can also provide ample space for heating and cooling equipment.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Serving the Cypress Area

KCS Construction Services is a trusted Cypress commercial roofing contractor with extensive knowledge and experience in the roof replacement and repair industry. Our expert team will work with you to determine cost-effective measures and solutions for your commercial roofing project. We use durable and energy efficient materials on your roof to ensure that future maintenance requirements will be minimal. Contact KCS Construction Services for roof construction and maintenance for your Cypress business.

Severe Storms and High Winds Create Extensive Cypress Roofing Damage

After hurricanes sweep through the Cypress area, many companies discover they have sustained roof damage to their commercial and industrial facilities. “Roof lifts” are cited as a common problem that needed immediate attention. KCS Construction Services, based in Cypress, is a total roof repair and replacement commercial roofing contractor. We offer services to commercial and industrial facilities that have endured such damage. We replace the roof when repair and restoration efforts aren’t an alternative. Flat commercial roofing has a lower profile and is less likely to be damaged in high winds or severe storms that frequently occur in the Cypress area.

KCS Construction in Cypress Also Provides Roof Coatings

KCS Construction Services in Cypress also provides roof coatings in the Cypress area. Our crew has the equipment to apply roof coatings and cement for your roofing project. We use the highest-quality energy efficient materials for your roofing needs. Our coatings are ideal for waterproofing and resist cracking and peeling. The commercial roofing contractors at KCS will help you with the best route to roofing work on your Cypress-area commercial or industrial building.

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