If you are looking to hire a quality concrete contractor to help with a Houston construction project, look no further than KCS Construction Services. Our Houston staff consists of skilled craftsmen and high-quality materials to ensure the excellent results for all concrete construction projects we take on. We have plenty of experience doing concrete work at commercial properties in Houston, including restaurants, fitness facilities, retail centers, industrial complexes, manufacturing buildings, and warehouses. Regardless of the job specifics, work done by KCS’s concrete foundation contractors guarantees that a Houston construction project is (literally) starting off on solid ground.

Concrete Foundation Contractors for Houston Construction

All construction in Houston starts with the concrete foundation, as it is literally the groundwork for a lasting structure. Concrete construction for foundations needs to be handled correctly the first time to avoid costly repairs later on, and our team of Houston concrete foundation contractors offers the experience required to properly and promptly provide these services. The concrete foundation contractors at KCS Construction Services work with elements like helical piles, helix piers, tieback anchors, underpinning systems, soil nails and foundations for construction of all types, including commercial, municipal and government buildings.

Concrete Construction for Almost Anything in Houston

Concrete construction in Houston is for more than just foundations, as the material is known for both its versatility and sustainability. Our concrete contractors use concrete as a cheaper alternative to metal for a variety of interior and exterior applications, and can advise clients on when using concrete may be the best option for their building. When you hire our staff of concrete contractors for a Houston project, we will provide you with a structure that is durable when it comes to high traffic and inclement weather and is cost-effective to repair and requires little maintenance. Some examples of typical jobs for concrete contractors include prisons, courthouses, museums, and schools.

Offering Concrete Construction Services to Houston

More people are turning to concrete construction to have things built around Houston, adding to what is now a $35 billion industry. If you are searching for concrete foundation contractors in Houston, or contractors to build a concrete structure, KCS Construction Services has a whole team of concrete experts to help. Concrete is a sturdy building material that is becoming popular beyond its traditional use for foundation and paving. We can construct just about anything out of concrete that a Houston property owner wants and can guarantee our staff will do a professional job.

Services Offered by Our Concrete Contractors in Houston

  • Foundations
  • Paving
  • Curbs and gutters
  • Flatwork and footings
  • Retaining walls
  • Open-top culverts
  • Steel fabrication
  • Pads and bases
  • Driveways
  • Grading slopes
  • Surface draining

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KCS Construction Services is a general contractor focused on commercial and industrial construction in the Houston area.


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