Concrete Paving & Foundations

The Woodlands’ KCS Construction Services is a full-service concrete construction company that employs skilled concrete foundation contractors who masterfully complete paving and foundation projects. KCS Construction Services’ concrete contractor services center around using stress calculations to prepare a foundation site in The Woodlands and pour a concrete slab using a process that is modified to best meet the particular demands of your project. KCS Construction of The Woodlands’ concrete construction services include concrete installation, driveway pouring, decorative concrete installation, basements and sidewalk finishing.

KCS Also Constructs Concrete Buildings in The Woodlands

Concrete buildings can withstand tropical storms and earthquakes better than steel structures. To build large concrete structures, our concrete contractors typically utilize the method of concrete tilt-up construction, an efficient process that costs less than creating a steel structure of the same square footage in The Woodlands. While metal is cheap and usually the go-to material of builders and architects, a concrete contractor from The Woodlands’ KCS Construction Services knows when to recommend concrete for the construction of a client’s desired structure.

Concrete and Asphalt: Important Differences in The Woodlands

Due to its durability, concrete foundation contractors agree that concrete is an economical paving option. Compared to other paving materials, concrete stands up to heavy usage, such as truck traffic and environmental factors. A construction job in The Woodlands can also be completed in one pass by a concrete contractor as compared to an asphalt one, which requires patching and sealing. The Woodlands’ trusted concrete construction company, KCS Construction, has skilled concrete contractors who will talk with you about the best materials for your paving project.

Materials Used by Concrete Foundation Contractors in The Woodlands

A knowledgeable concrete construction contractor from KCS of The Woodlands could tell you that concrete and cement have fundamental differences. Cement is usually used by contractors to bind one object to another, basically using cement as a glue. Cement is made from different elements and is an ingredient used in concrete. Concrete is final product after cement, water and other elements are combined. Our concrete foundation contractors will not use pure cement because it will not withstand repeated usage like concrete can. KCS of The Woodlands’ concrete foundation contractors will use their expertise to determine what material is best for your paving project.

We Make Sure Your Building in The Woodlands is Up to Code

To ensure your commercial construction meets established building codes, it’s important to consult with an experienced construction company in The Woodlands that is familiar with building regulation procedures. The Woodlands’ KCS Construction employs contractors that meet with state and local officials to ensure that all building or remodeling work that they perform meets the proper specifications. A contractor from KCS Construction of The Woodlands will attend each inspection conducted by officials and will gladly address any issues that may arise. To guarantee that your building project is up to standards, trust the contractors at KCS of The Woodlands with your commercial building needs.

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