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Commercial painting types can vary depending on the needs and desires of The Woodlands property owners. Oil or latex-based paints offer different degrees of coverage and durability. Based on your specifications, The Woodlands’ trusted painting contractor, KCS Construction Services, can help you choose which type of paint is best for your structure. If you arrange to have the interior and or exterior of your commercial property painted, The Woodlands’ painting contractors at KCS Construction can assist you if your structure needs a new coat of paint.  From industrial coating to interior as well as exterior painting services, KCS has you covered.

Commercial Painting is a Big Job, and Someone Has to Do It in The Woodlands

Commercial painting can be quite the undertaking, luckily for you, the expert painting contractors at KCS Construction in The Woodlands are always up to the task. For large-scale painting projects, the price of latex and oil paints differ greatly. Oil paints are typically pricier and have a longer drying than that of latex paints. Latex paints, however, require more coats than oil. The Woodlands’ KCS Construction Services specializes in commercial and industrial painting as well as industrial coatings, trust that the skilled painting professionals we employ will provide your property with world-class painting or coating services.

Paint Types Differ in Durability in The Woodlands

A knowledgeable painting contractor in The Woodlands would tell you that exceptional durability and stain resistant qualities are what make oil paints a more cost-effective choice in the long run for your commercial or industrial property. Cost considerations usually are at the forefront when business-owners in The Woodlands choose between latex and oil. All types of paints offer pros as well as cons, but industrial and commercial painting experts at KCS of The Woodlands will help you decide what paint is best for your property.

Industrial Painting and Industrial Coatings for Your Facility in the Woodlands

For industrial coatings, the painting contractors of The Woodlands’ KCS Construction will utilize a multi-stage process. First, particles will be removed through a sandblasting process of the material. The next step is the application of an organic polymer compound or zinc-based compound coating in order to ensure a better bond with the final water and weatherproof polymers that will be applied prior to the topcoat. The Woodlands’ industrials coatings experts at KCS will go over all the steps involved with the industrial coating and or painting of your property.

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