In addition to offering painting and coating services, The Woodlands’ KCS Construction Services also offers sandblasting services. We specialize in the commercial and industrial sandblasting of The Woodlands’ commercial properties. The process of sandblasting has several different steps, each one essential to the quality of the finished product. Properly sandblasting The Woodlands’ commercial structures requires precision and skill. Luckily for The Woodlands’ property owners, KCS Construction Services’ sandblasting technicians have the know-how and specialized equipment to tackle any commercial or industrial sandblasting job.

Industrial and Commercial Sandblasting Services in The Woodlands

The weather in and around The Woodlands area changes frequently. Environmental factors require that buildings and offices often need repainting and sandblasting services. Our sandblasting techniques are up to the National Association of Corrosion Engineers standards, assuring the optimal longevity of the work that we perform on your property. KCS has masterfully sandblasted extensive projects, such as convention centers and more throughout The Woodlands area. KCS of The Woodlands uses state-of-art sandblasting equipment to complete large-scale projects with great precision as well as efficiency, allow our technicians to do the same for you.

Commercial Sandblasting is a Dangerous Job in The Woodlands

Commercial sandblasting is no small task, it requires skilled and precision to perform properly. Property owners of The Woodlands need a company that understands the amount of work that can go into such a time-consuming and potentially dangerous task. The danger level is high during the sandblasting process as toxic chemicals can be spread into the air, chemicals which can be lethal if the proper safety precautions aren’t taken. At KCS Construction, we ensure that all safety precautions will be taken every time we perform sandblasting services on a client’s industrial or commercial property.

'Be Prepared' is Our Motto in The Woodlands

The pre-sandblasting preparation of your industrial property’s surfaces requires the utmost care. At KCS of The Woodlands, our team looks at even the smallest details before beginning any industrial sandblasting or painting job. Our goal is making your existing structure look new, or if it’s a new structure, to help it stand the test of time. The pros at KCS Construction are always ready to tend to the industrial and or commercial sandblasting needs of our clients.

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